What is style?

What is style? This question has been bugging me since my boss, out of sheer necessity, told our model/endorser that I was the in-house stylist. I then asked myself, what makes a stylish person? Is it still considered "style" even if your particular look is the same as everyone in the mall?

I later learned that there is a difference between being "in style" and being "stylish". Being in style is when you look good in clothes that are in-season, pulling off that normally daring halter maxi-dress to a visit with your boyfriend's parents, while being stylish is simply being comfortable in your own skin.
The most stylish people I know and admire are people who understand their bodies and take pride in their shape.

Take Beth Ditto for example, the fierce lead singer of band "The Gossip" struts around the stage in metallic lame jumpsuits instead of the flutter-sleeved tops "style" books tell women her size to wear. Sure, flutter-sleeved tops aren't very The Gossip or concert-y but nor is it very Beth Ditto. She wears what she likes and she flaunts what she has.

To quote Jean Cocteu: “Style is a simple way of saying complicated things”. So what is it- style in fashion's sense- you want to tell the world?


Look at me Ma', I'm on Technorati!

Creole's Technorati Profile

Yup, I've finally Technorati. Not that anyone wanted me to join in the first place, but I thought "Hey, what the heck right?" and then I learned this place is pretty awesome, so why not join the awesome internet bandwagon?

(Disclaimer: Creole does not approve of real-life bandwagon joining.)

Beijing Olympics hearts the Vengaboys

I'm watching the 10M Platform Women's finals on TV. The camera passes over the audience, judges look bored as the divers get ready, kids are playing with one of Beijing Olympics' annoyingly cute mascots and that's when I realize: is that the Vengaboys on the background? I listen closely and learn that it's not- but it was a eurotrash beat.

I'm addicted to the Olympics. I must watch at least one event a day.

Events I look forward to:
Gymnastics (ommmggg props and sparkly costumes!)
Synchronized Swimming (lolz)

I just switched to another channel and HOLY CRAP it's prop gymnastics D: D:
I'm torn between diving and gymnastics. Noooo.


Such are my woes. :/


Sauna sauna sauna

Hello internet world, I'm now working. I've left the comforts of UST and this so-called "student life" for a more "mature" "socially-involved" world... of fashion! :D I'm currently a graphic artist for a direct selling company and things are going great, if you don't mind me saying.

But who wants to hear about my work?

No one.

I guessed as much.

I'm typing away at these rare dead in-betweens where work kind of just STOPS because we're waiting for an approval or somesuch. It's deathly hot in our window-less office, sweat is forming on my brow and *ting* I believe it's time to turn us over in this blasted oven-of-an-office. Did I mention I love my job?

I really do. Swear on my Harry Potter books.

They finally turned the air conditioning on.

That's basically it. Hurr.

Loves to all. I'll blog again when I have something a bit more interesting to share.


Back then

Fifteen years ago I...
→ was 5! I was studying in Montessori Child Learning center bullying the Little Miss Philippines Champion. She was so scared she refused to go out of her car. I was also called "Big Mouth" by my teachers and I learned I have shitty penmanship and wrote too slow. Did my first solo presentation to parents about shapes and the difference between a circle and a sphere. This was pre-K.

Ten years ago I...
→ was 10! Moved to STC for the 5th grade. Learned that private school girls are the devil in disguise. Met great friends, learned about anime and I was hooked. I also wanted mum to give me a computer "with a CD-ROM and an internet and e-mail".

Five years ago I...
→ was in 3rd year high school. Met the first head over heels love of my life. He inspired me to do great things, great plays and theaterrrr. Cried when he said goodbye. Still think of him up to this day (and his kid. rofl).

Two years ago I...
→ Reached a very awkward time in my last relationship. Got married. Kicked ass in fashion class.

One year ago I...
→ Thesis. New love. New life. New class ;_;

Yesterday I...
→ attended a pre-meeting for the meeting mentioned above. Layouts, layouts and edits. Present designs for approval.

Today I...
→ 2 meetings today! Meetings proved to be productive. Schedules moved. Yay, more time! But that doesn't mean we'll be slacking off anytime soon. >_> Approval of styles and writing e-mails directed to important people are hard! I ventured into men's wear. AHLOVIT.

Tomorrow I...
→ Will be back to layoutting, more meetings. Mock layouts and such. CAN'T SAY MUCH.

Next week I...
→ Important week! It's pretty make or break. I better have a new wardrobe come Monday.

Next year I...
→ will still be working. Hopefully doing more designing. :)